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Coffee Break Interview with Dr Nelson

There is an obesity epidemic in the UK. We all need to be aware of the risk of diabetes associated with this. We took 5 minutes out of Dr Nelson's busy day to talk about Type 2 Diabetes and things we should all be aware of.

Type 2 Diabetes - things to be aware of!

Question: What are the symptoms of diabetes?

Dr Nelson: Thirst, Fatigue, increase in urinating, dry mouth.

Question: How do you treat type 2 Diabetes?

Dr Nelson: Patient's can manage it by losing weight, depending on how well their pancreas is working. However, they might need to rely on medication and an improvement in diet and regular exercise.

Question: If patients do not manage their Diabetes, what complications are there?

Dr Nelson: It can affect a patient's sight, kidneys, increase their risk of heart attack or stroke and they are at higher risk of infections.

Question: If someone has Diabetes are they likely to pass this on to their children?

Dr Nelson: Unfortunately, patients are at a higher risk of diabetes if there is a family history.

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